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Vehicle Stripes

Did you want to customize or give your vehicle a little something extra?Green-Camaro-coming-out-of-site


Acerbo’s has just the thing for you! We do vinyl pin striping that includes applying thin metallic colored stripes to the sides and rear of your car. Any colors are available for request, and our highly trained professionals (including Joe Acerbo himself) will come out and pin stripe dealership new and used cars, as well as personal customers. Pin striping is a way to give your car some class without going overboard, even door edge guards and wheel moldings can be included in the package!


For an even sleeker look, consider our rally stripes, racing stripes, hockey stripes, and factory decals that contour areas of any vehicles such as Chargers, Camaros and Challengers.

Check out our gallery for some of our past jobs!


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