Acerbo’s Creates Custom Vehicle Wrap for Medford Township

Medford Recycles Vehicle Wrap

Medford Township approached Acerbo’s looking for a way to help promote and increase the township’s recycling efforts. Knowing the power and effectiveness of vehicle wraps, they knew they wanted a partial wrap on a Dodge Ram 1500 that would catch the eye of their residents.  This vehicle would serve as branding showpiece and drive their local recycling engagement efforts in Burlington County.

Medford Township knew the key objectives they wanted to achieve with their truck wrap design. They were looking for a bold layout that would stand out but still included clean artwork, with a message that wasn’t too busy and easy to read. The design goals for the truck were all about maximum impression and recondition as a township vehicle.

Our skilled design team combined both their logo brand and the green behind recycling to create an economical partial wrap masterpiece.

Features of Job

  • Avery Premium Print Media
  • 100% Custom Design Creation
  • Cost Effective for the Township
  • Creates a Professional Image
  • Sends the Desired Message of A Greener Township