Acerbo’s Creates New Design for Pemberton Township Police

Pemberton Police AFTER close up

Pemberton Township Police department worked with Acerbo’s to create a new design as the department is transitioning from Ford Interceptor sedans to Ford Interceptor SUVs.

Working through several revisions and designs, our experienced design team was able to produce a look that was aesthetically pleasing and was exactly what the department was looking for. They wanted to incorporate both a blue line theme as well as the American flag, and we were able to do a combination of both. We even kept some of their traditional coloring the black and gray accents.

The design features printed reflective gradient lettering, stripes, and an American flag pattern embossed in the word POLICE giving it a subdued but eye-catching layout. 

Features of Job

  • 3M Scotchlite Printed and Laminated Reflective
  • 100% Original Design
  • Custom Fit for Various Models
  • Cost Effective to for Budget Costs
  • Great Representation of the Department