Acerbo’s Wraps Two Kubota RTV’s for Delran Fire Department

Delran Fire RTV Wraps

The Delran Fire Department contacted Acerbo’s asking if they could assist them with a full-color change wrap on two Kubota RTV’s that the department had purchased for both stations to use as brush trucks.

These custom wraps included a base layer of Avery carmine red vinyl which was installed on the painted surfaces of the RTV’s. Each RTV had Avery black or white vinyl applied to the hood and roof panels to match each station’s existing apparatus color schemes. Printed and cut vinyl decals were also applied to the surface of the red vinyl. The custom branded graphics gave the wrap that customized look.

Features of Job

  • Custom-matched colors and font
  • Fully wrapped Hood, Roof, &  Side panels
  • Avery wrap vinyl
  • Imitation Gold Leaf & 3M Scotchlite Lettering