Acerbo’s Creates Custom Cream Cheese Labels for Medford Bagel

Medford Bagels Decal

Medford Bagel is a Family owned business and has been around Medford since 1995. They are well known for their fresh bagels and custom made cream cheeses that vary by season. They came to Acerbo’s looking for a unique and easier way to label their cream cheese containers.

They were looking for a bold layout that would stand out but yet would still include their logo and the type of cream cheese inside the container. The design we came up with was fun yet clean and simple. Each label contained Medford Bagel’s logo, phone number, address, type of cream cheese, and a white space for the date. It was made all laid out on a circular decal that was designed to look like a bagel with cream cheese with what was inside spread on the bagel.

We were also able to supply these to them in rolls of 1,000 quantities for long term use and ease of re-ordering.

Features of Job

  • Unique Design Compared to Generic Labels
  • Large Quantity Orders
  • High Quality Images
  • Sharpie Friendly Surface, Waterproof Label
  • Ease of Use for Bagel Staff